All-Russian Exhibition&Competition of Scientific and Creative Works by International Students

In May, 2014 on the basis of Tomsk Polytechnic University the 7th All-Russian Exhibition&Competition of Scientific and Creative Works of International Students will take place. The Exhibition&Competition is held with the assistance of Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Association of Foreign Students in Russia, Administation of Tomsk Region and town of Tomsk.


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Tomsk, TPU

VII All-Russian research-and-training conference (with international participation) Science initiative of foreign students and postgraduate students of Russian Universities


Tomsk, TPU

14th International Conference for students and young researchers - Communicative Aspects of Language and Culture


Tomsk, TPU

International scientific conference - International education and cross-cultural communication: problems and solutions



Welcome to TPU!


Exploring best study options abroad?

Experience a friendly and multinational environment and build life-long friendships at Tomsk Polytechnic University.

The University offers a wide range of dynamic and relevant study programmes in Computer Science and Engineering, Geology and Oil and Gas Industry, Material Science and Technology of New Materials, Mechanical Engineering, Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising, Economics, Management, Linguistics, etc. at all levels both in Russian and in English.

The University adheres to the CDIO concept and creates the possibilities for students to study on individual education plans (in English and in Russian). The CDIO INITIATIVE is an innovative educational framework for producing the next generation of engineers. The CDIO approach focused on practical aspects of education, including Problem/Project-Based Learning. Three Bachelor Degree programmes were updated according to CDIO concept; they are: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering.

At the University, we combine high academic excellence in teaching, internationally-rated innovative research and cutting edge facilities. The cosmopolitan nature of the University is mirrored in a diverse international student community and exceptional student support services which provide advice and practical help.

The University is located in a beautiful, cultured and friendly city of Tomsk that offers a unique living and learning atmosphere.

Institute of International Education and Language Communication welcomes international students to study at a truly international Tomsk Polytechnic University and get experience in forward-thinking and multicultural environment.


06 October 2014

Representatives of the Institute of International Education and Language Communication Took Part in the Seminar within 5-100 Programme

The period of late September and early October was marked by a significant event for the Russian winner Universities of competitiveness programmes (road maps), namely, a conference meeting organized in Moscow to plan further events and development strategies.

Participation in the section Efficient International Marketing Development and Functionality Perfection in the Sphere of International Students Recruitment proved to be the most fruitful for the representatives of IIE&LC.

05 October 2014

Mongolian Central Television to Shoot a Film about TPU

Members of the Mongolian central TV channel TV1, Tsendsuren Enkhzayaa and Lonjidmaa Otgonzorig arrived at Tomsk on September 29, 2014 upon the initiative of the Institute of International Education and Language Communication and by invitation of Tomsk Polytechnic University to shoot a commercial film about TPU which to be later broadcast on Mongolian central TV. This is the first time Mongolian TV makes a film on academic and research venues of TPU. Considering that Mongolia represents one of the prospective markets for attraction of international students to TPU and the city of Tomsk as well, these commercial shootings will enable to draw attention of the larger number of prospective students from Mongolia to Tomsk and TPU as a whole.

30 September 2014

No Smile on the Face Does Not Mean Unamiability. We are just Earnest!

The Regional Centre of German language and Culture together with Pre-University Department of the Institute of International Education and Language Communication held out a meeting with 13 pupils and two lecturers from Germany on September 24 on the venues of TPU. The guests are staying in Tomsk for two weeks on the programme of school exchange in Gymnasium No. 6 of the city of Tomsk.

About University

I really enjoy the international atmosphere at the university. There are got a lot of international students here. Usually in Europe communication happens only between Europeans or between Europeans and the USA representatives. But here in Tomsk I meet students from Mongolia, China, Vietnam, India and many other countries. Its quite an interesting experience for me.

Schmid Felix Dietmar, Germany


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